Outback Miniatures

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*Our Nigerian Dwarf goats*


Half Acre Farm A Ace

Nigerian dwarf buck

Born: February 8, 2020

Tan & white cou clair buckskin with moonspots and blue eyes

ADGA registered

Sire: Half Acre Farm M Amoskeag

Dam: Bamb Fam Farm RC Gypsy Rose

Etched N Stone E Smores

Nigerian dwarf buckling

Born: May 2, 2021

Silver chocolate and white with moonspots and blue eyes

ADGA registered

Sire: Bally Lara TR Emmett

Dam: Gibson Farm RL Sweet Caroline


RZ Acres BG Luna

Nigerian dwarf doe

Born: April 26, 2019

Black & white with moonspots

ADGA registered

Sire: Valleys Edge American Blu Gene

Dam: Valleys Edge Boom Shakalaka

*Kidded 5/3/21...2 bucklings*

           Ace x Luna

Buckskin buckling- SOLD

Cou clair buckling- SOLD

Half Acre Farm G Daisy
Nigerian dwarf doe
Born: June 10, 2019
Gold & white with moonspots and blue eyes
ADGA registered
Sire: Half Acre Farm A Griffin
Dam:Half Acre Farm YF Mystic Maude

*Kidded 4/22/21...two doelings & one buckling*
         Poker x Daisy

Black/white with moonspots and blue eyes doeling: SOLD
Chocolate/white with moonspots and blue eyes buckling: SOLD
Gold/white with blue eyes doeling: SOLD

Claddagh AB Cookies & Cream
Nigerian dwarf doe
Born: May 2, 2019
Buckskin with spots
ADGA registered
Sire: AOF AJs Admiral Butterfly
Dam: Doubletree Freckles

*Kidded 4/18/21...two bucklings & one doeling*
       Poker x CiCi
Black/white with blue eyes buckling: SOLD
Black/white with blue eyes doeling: SOLD
Black/white spotted with blue eyes buckling: SOLD

Stone Road Farm F Trixie

Nigerian dwarf doe

Born: March 31, 2019

Chamoisee with blue eyes

ADGA registered

Sire: Tiny Angels TR Finnigan

Dam: Stone Road Farm SS Piper

*Kidded 4/25/21... one buckling & one doeling*

        Poker x Trixie

Chamoisee w/ moonspots buckling: SOLD

Chamoisee/white with blue eyes doeling: SOLD

Nigerian dwarf doe
Born: 2016
Black & white spotted with blue eyes
From: Hillsdale, NY

*Kidded 10/13/21...one buckling & one doeling*
         Poker x Susie

Black/white buckling w/ blue eyes: SOLD
Black/white doeling w/ blue eyes: SOLD

Nigerian dwarf doe
Born: 2018
Broken chamoisee with blue eyes
From: Hillsdale, NY

*Kidded 5/28/21...two bucklings (one deceased)*
             Poker x Lenore

Broken chamoisee buckling with moonspots & blue eyes: SOLD

Double Tree RC Nellie

Nigerian Dwarf doeling

Born: May 13, 2021

Chocolate & white spotted

ADGA & AGS registered

Sire: 3 MBJ Goats Roc Courage

Dam: Double Tree Flygirl

Sweet Land BK Nessie
Nigerian Dwarf doeling
Born: March 23, 2021
Black/white roan
ADGA & AGS registered
Sire: Dawn Land Black Knight
Dam: Sweet Land Posy