Outback Miniature Horses


*Our Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy goats*


Poker is a Nigerian dwarf buckling born 3/30/19. He is a very striking black & white boy with moonspots, frosted ears and blue eyes. Poker was born in Hillsdale, NY. Poker is going to be our future herd sire! We look forward to his future kids! *Poker's first kid has arrived & we are thrilled!*


January 6, 2020 blue eyed buckskin doeling

Poker x Lola

Lola is a Pygmy doe born 2018. She has fantastic color and is such a love bug! Lola was born in Fort Plain, NY. She is the start to our Nigerian/Pygmy program.

Luna is a Nigerian dwarf doeling born 4/26/19. Luna is so affectionate as she was a bottle baby & thrives on attention. Plus she is loaded with moon spots! We are in love with this girl! Luna was born at RZ Acres in Livingston Manor, NY. Her sire is Valley's Edge American Blu Gene and her dam is Valley's Edge Boom Shakalaka. 

Daisy is a Nigerian dwarf doeling born 6/10/19. Daisy is tan with gorgeous black moon spots and blue eyes! Her sire is Half Acre Farm A Griffin and her dam is Half Acre Farm YF Mystic Maude. Daisy was born at Half Acres Farm in Stoddard, NH.

CiCi is a Nigerian dwarf doeling born 5/2/19. CiCi is a gorgeous tricolor loaded with spots! She is marked so unique! Her sire is AOF AJ's Admiral Butterfly and her dam is Doubletree Freckles. CiCi was born in Bernardston, MA.

Trixie is a Nigerian dwarf doeling born March 31, 2019. She is chamoisee with blue eyes. Her sire is Tiny Angels TR Finnigan and her dam is Stone Road Farm SS Piper. Trixie was born at Stone Road Farm in Wakefield, NH.

Gracie is a Nigerian Dwarf doeling. She was born July 4, 2019 and is a beautiful spotted gray/black/white color. Gracie was born at Lupinewood Farm in Marlbouro, NH. This girl has such a sweet personality and laid back demeanor.